Stock code 8198 Nominal

Circulars / Proxy Forms

Date of Release Document
27/02/2023Circular – [Major Transaction In Relation To Disposal Of Businesses]
09/12/2022Proxy Form For Use By Shareholders At The Extraordinary General Meeting To Be Held On 28 December 2022
09/12/2022Circular - [(1) Proposed Adoption Of The New Share Option Scheme; (2) Proposed Increase In Authorised Share Capital; And (3) Notice Of Extraordinary General Meeting]
23/09/2022Proxy Form For Use By Shareholders At The Extraordinary General Meeting To Be Held On 12 October 2022
23/09/2022Circular - [Proposed Change of Company Name and Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting]
19/08/2022Composite Document Relating To Mandatory Unconditional Cash Offers By Lego Securities Limited For And On Behalf Of Manful Kingdom Limited To Acquire All The Issued Shares Of And To Cancel All Outstanding Share Options Of Loto Interactive Limited (Other Than Those Already Owned And/Or Agreed To Be Acquired By Manful Kingdom Limited AND/OR Parties Acting In Concert With It)
19/08/2022White Form of Share Offer Acceptance of Ordinary Share(s) of HK$0.1 Each In The Issued Share Capital of Loto Interactive Limited
19/08/2022Pink Form of Option Offer Acceptance And Cancellation of All Outstanding Share Options of Loto Interactive Limited
30/03/2022Circular – [Proposals for General Mandates to Issue and Repurchase Shares; Re-election of Directors; Proposed Adoption of New Memorandum and Articles of Association; and Notice of the Annual General Meeting]
30/03/2022Proxy Form For Use By Shareholders At The Annual General Meeting To Be Held On 11 May 2022
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